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The Most Famous Asylum-Seekers in the World

As soon as I heard that the missing jet, Malaysian Airlines MH370, had two passengers using stolen passports, my first reaction was that they must have been asylum-seekers trying to get to Europe.  I guessed Afghans, but they turned out to be Iranians.  Not terrorists, as the American media would have us believe, but refugees who had no other way of getting out of their country and to another country where they might find safety.  Turns out I was right.  Tonight Chris Hayes did a segment on this, and beginning at about 7:03 of the clip, there is an interview with a representative from Human Rights Watch talking about this very process, and how stolen passports are too often the only way people have to escape from oppressive conditions.  When even good people have no alternatives to survive, they have to turn to what others call “crime” (though the Geneva Convention recognizes this) in order to escape.

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